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As any gamer knows, it is a horrible feeling having to game with a mouse and mouse pad other than your own. Amazingly, with the X600 and accompanying Over Slide, this experience was not bad at all. I found it very easy to just pick up the mouse and it was immediately comfortable. In most cases with new mice, you have to spend time just getting used to the feel of it, but not with the X600. This is an impressive feat in my books, but I’m also very picky about my peripherals.


Although I will admit, it often looks very nice when manufacturers add smooth, polished plastic parts on their mice or keyboards, but in all reality, it only promotes perspiration and as a result of the perspiration, makes the surface sticky and becomes dirty faster. The Slider X600 also features some nice LED lighting, offered in several colors for you to choose from through the software; red, green, blue, light blue, and pink (to which I found myself partial).

As far as the overall aesthetic quality of the mouse, everything fits nicely and is well designed. From the first time I picked the X600 up, it was very comfortable. There was no break-in period where you get used to the feel, it feels smooth and comfortable right away.

I must mention the side-mounted cable. According to NOVA, it’s supposed to be less of an annoyance than a normal-mounted cable. Personally, I didn’t notice a different, but you can’t complain about them trying to improve on the mouse design.


The Over Slide mouse pad is also a great product. Although neither of the products are particularly great alone, when used together, they work very well and smooth. The mouse pad is soft and I usually don’t like that. I feel that they often have too much “give”, thus making the mouse feel bogged down in the mouse pad that feels too soft. This was not the case with the Over Slide. It felt solid enough while still being smooth and soft.

There is also a built in wrist wrest on the Over Slide. It’s nothing big, but it’s soft and is covered in different material than the mouse pad itself. Although the mouse pad is massive, if you ever do mouse over the wrist wrest by accident, it’s no big deal. You do notice a change in texture, but it doesn’t affect your game very dramatically.


Aside from the Slider X600 being obviously a right-handed mouse, it does have a small collection of other issues that bothered me. One of the largest annoyances was the thumb buttons. As you can see from the above image, the thumb buttons are positioned differently than normal mice. While this different design does seem to be more logical, it is very hard to acclimate to these changes. Even after many hours of gaming with this mouse, I would still get killed because I pressed the wrong thumb button. By no means is this design choice a bad move, but it’s just a little inconvenient and seemingly unnecessary.

As I mentioned before, there are another set of thumb buttons that control the gaming profile you are using. This changes everything from the mouse’s color to the DPI settings (which you can modify in 100 increments from 800 to 3200DPI).

The mouse’s software, while nice, does have its limits, especially when compared to the software of Razer or Logitech. You can edit many things including what functions each button serves. You can even rebind the buttons to whatever you wish, even keyboard actions, although this doesn’t seem to include media buttons.


It may seem like I’m being a bit critical in this review, but with the huge variety of gaming mice in today’s market, I’m allowed to be picky. For what it is, the Slider X600 and the Over Slide are a great combo. I strongly suggest you buy them together, should you decide to add them to your gaming peripherals.


- Price: 6
For the price of this combo, it would be hard to choose it over a more well-known brand like Razer.

- Setup/Install: N/A
It’s a mouse. It’s a mouse pad. Not a missile guidance system.

- Ease of Use: 8
With a simple driver install, the mouse will run fine, but you’ll probably want to configure it a bit. If that is the case, then fear not because the software suite is simple enough that you shouldn’t have any troubles.

- Performance: 9
I found this combo to perform quite impressively, even when compared to big name competition. And with 3200 DPI, it’s hard to beat.

- Features: 5
As far as features, it’s pretty simple. Sure, there’s the side-mounted cord, but that’s more of a trademark than a feature. I didn’t notice the cable being any less annoying when compared to a standard wired mouse.

Overall:  7 Olives

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