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Mini Review: Trine (PC)


When I started playing Trine, I was shocked that I hadn’t heard anything about it prior to its release. Sure, it’s not quite as unique as games like Braid, but if it was any good, I expected to hear at least a little buzz about it. When Trine released, I almost passed it by so that I could spend my time reviewing other important games, but while I was in the middle of reviewing another game, I decided to play Trine. One thing led to another and here we are, the Trine mini review.


For a simple side-scrolling platformer, Trine is quite fantastic, featuring a great fantasy story that is delivered well and some characters that are likable, if not a little mysterious. The environments and levels can get a little repetitive, but one comes to expect that from platformer games. Controls are simple enough and the game even offers built-in controller support if you prefer. Though I will admit, the characters and the story could be deeper, but they’re interesting enough to keep you entertained.

In Trine, you are given control of three characters: a knight, a wizard and a thief. Each character has their own skills, attacks and abilities that you will need to progress through each level. Their souls are bound together so you may only take form of one at a time.

Trine features local-machine co-op, thus making two characters playable at once. No LAN or online co-op.


The only annoyance I could find with Trine was that it seemed to rely on a checkpoint saving system. This worked fine if you ever died or needed to load the previous checkpoint, but if you closed the game in the middle or near the end of a level, the next time you loaded the game, you would start at the very beginning of the level. All your progress would be saved, but your position in the level would be reset every time. Despite this, after I had beaten Trine, I yearned for more.

If I had to sum Trine up simply, I would say Trine is a brilliant mix of genres, reminding of games like Icewind Dale, Braid and The Lost Vikings. It’s well worth the 3-6 hours it takes to play through.

Overall: 7 Olives

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