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Mini Review: Osmos (PC)


Normally, I try to keep “in the know” when it comes to indie games. I just love the amount of enthusiasm and imagination that can be found in them. When I was told about Osmos by the Olive’s biggest fan (you know who you are!), I had never heard of it, but I was willing to give it a try. Boy was I in for a surprise!


If you’re unsure as to what this game is about, allow me to paint a mental picture for you. Imagine a bunch of glowing, floating orbs. Now, imagine those orbs combined with each other when they collide, much like oil spots on the surface of water. That’s the game.

It’s a little deeper than that, but at it’s simplest form, that’s not a bad way to look at it. Of course, you’re probably now thinking, “oil? Cooking is for girls! GTFO!” But don’t write it off so quickly yet.


You lead your glowing orb around the playable area by clicking in the direction you want to release some of your energy to create thrust, thus pushing you in the other direction. As you exert thrust, your orb becomes smaller, but the goal is to collide with smaller orbs than your own to absorb them and become larger. If you run into an orb that is larger than yours, it will absorb you, so watch out!.

Throughout the levels, you are given objectives. You must meet these objectives before you can advance to the next level. Despite the fact that it can be blindingly frustrating, Osmos is quite the interesting and unique gameplay experience.

Score: 7 Olives

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2 Comments to “Mini Review: Osmos (PC)”
  1. Aug 24th, 2009 at 2:41 PMLamilia

    Don’t forget about the wonderful soundtrack. Which is nice and relaxing at first, but once you get into the incredibly frustrating levels you forget all about it.


  2. Aug 24th, 2009 at 4:16 PMTim Hage

    I can’t believe I forgot about that. I made a mental note to mention it, but it seems to have slipped my mind.


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