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Mini Review: Cooler Master Elite 310


As a long-time owner of Cooler Master cases, I am always excited to see how their gaming line of cases influence the design and function of the general/budget computing line of cases. I was eager to see what design choices had made it into the Elite 310.


Upon inspection, I was a bit underwhelmed, not because I noticed it was the pink version, but the Elite 310 doesn’t have many gaming-inspired design choices, nor does it have many features at all for a Cooler Master case. By no means is this a bad case. In fact, the design and overall aesthetic makes it rather appealing. However, you may find yourself disappointed when you see that the rest of the case is quite basic, but this does reflect the great price.


It goes without saying that anyone purchasing this case is not looking for gaming-quality features and design. Instead they are looking for a great looking and an easy, all-around budget computer case with enough room to fit whatever you need. The cost is very reasonable, especially with the included 450W power supply. Although, it’s not even the Cooler Master brand. Instead, it’s a “Thermal Master, Certified by Cooler Master.” Despite this, the PSU seemed to perform admirably, doubly so for a simple every day PC.

With great paint, an overall quiet noise level and a solid design, the Elite 310 is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a stylish, worry-free budget build. If you are planning to purchase this case, I do recommend the black/blue color option (unless you’re looking to impress your boyfriend).

Score: 8 Olives
7/10 olives

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