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Mini Review: Shattered Horizon (PC)


With online shooter games today, new contenders for our time need to bring something truly unique and amazing to the table before they even have a chance to steal our time. Any developer that attempts this feat without the draw of any single player aspect is either stupid or thinks they have a good enough concept to draw gamers away from current titles. With that said, is Shattered Horizon worth your valuable gaming time?


Well, one thing is certain; it’s worth your money. At $20, you can’t go wrong. Granted, the game doesn’t include any single player, but the price reflects that. The experience in Shattered Horizon is unlike any other. You’re not only struggling to stay alive, but you’re also struggling to keep your bearings in this beautiful, zero-gravity map. As long as you have an open mind for experimental gameplay, the whole zero-gravity concept is actually quite easy to grasp.


The combat is very balanced thanks to a single available weapon; an automatic assault rifle with a grenade launcher, which is hardly a bad thing as it leaves you to worry about other things. Most gamers will find the combat comparable to just about any other first-person shooter, except you have amazing freedom of movement which, at first, will be hard to manage, but you get used to it before long.

The graphics and lighting effects are great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re nothing better than what I’ve seen from DX9, so I don’t quite understand why this PC-exclusive title felt that it needed to essentially alienate the most popular PC gaming platform; Windows XP.

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With 32-player online, three gametypes (Capture the flag, Capture the Point, Team Deathmatch), four maps and more content promised later via DLC, how can you go wrong? Just make sure you’ve got a PC that can take the beating visually.

Score: 7 Olives
7/10 olives

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One Comment to “Mini Review: Shattered Horizon (PC)”
  1. Feb 20th, 2010 at 6:11 PMK73SK

    Windows XP not included? seriously. I thought about buying the game until reading it’s for Vista and 7. $$ down the drain for Steam. They could have sold SOOO many more copies.


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