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Mini Review: Zombie Driver

When we first saw Zombie Driver there was a unanimous sigh and we thought, “not another zombie game.” However, we were pleasantly surprised when we found Zombie Driver to be a fresh take on the genre. Definitely a change from the usual zombie shooters being churned out by any developer with a decent shooter engine.

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Our first impression was basically one sentence: “A lot of zombies to mow over in any car you want,” which seemed a bit flat. How mistaken we were when we saw all there was to unlock. Different models of car with different handling, upgrades for your cars, different weapons for you to choose from and the ability to upgrade said weapons. This brought a whole new dynamic perspective to the game.

The first level throws you into a city overrun by zombies. You have a letter from your uncle telling you about some nice folks you should go pick up. From there it’s pretty self-explanatory.  The storyline is pretty bland, but if you don’t see the twist coming after the first few of levels, then you’re in for a little surprise.

The gameplay is fun, but it’s the same thing every level. Even when you upgrade, you’re just doing the same thing, only it’s more difficult. You can change what car you want to use at the start of each mission and this can be handy, but in the end you just find yourself using the same car each game regardless of the amount of survivors you need to pick up. We found the bus to be most useful, being well powered and able to carry any amount of passengers you needed.

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The idea behind the game is good, but it’s not as well executed as it could have been. Without a mini map to help you with navigation, you can easily get stuck in any number of dead ends which ruins the flow of the game. The graphics are what can be expected for an indie game although there is a bonus of added nostalgia for anyone that spent many hours playing the original few GTA games. In the end, the extremely short campaign and lack of vital game elements isn’t made up for by the other game modes.

Overall: 5 Olives

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