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According to, Google Chrome is slowly stealing the limelight from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Chrome grew by 0.57-percent to claim 5.2-percent of the browser market share. On the other hand, IE fell by 0.51-percent and Firefox dropped 0.2-percent to end at 62.18- and 24.41-percent, respectively. Both Safari and Opera made little moves, changing by less than a tenth of a percent.

These are all just small changes, but it could be a spark that soon ignites a new browser war.

via [Mashable]

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5 Comments to “Google Chrome Stealing Market Share From IE and Firefox”
  1. Feb 1st, 2010 at 10:05 PMPatrick Thompson

    You know, I have been using Google Chrome about a year now on my laptop (Firefox on my desktop) and I have to say I love it a lot better. I have NEVER had it crash or incorrectly display a web page. Firefox, on the other hand, crashes on average 10 times a week. So I defiantly would prefer Chrome over any thing else. Now granted, if you require a lot of cool plug-ins, like i do on my desktop, then Firefox is for you.


    PohTayToez Reply

    If you think about it, what is most likely happening is that IE is losing market share to Firefox, and then Firefox is losing market share to Chrome. I’m betting much more people are switching to Chrome from Firefox rather than from IE.

    PohTayToez Reply

    @Patrick Thompson, Whoops, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply, but just a comment. Well, while I’m at it I might as well reply that I’ve also used Chrome for about a year now, and while I very much like it, it definitely is not without issues. I’ve had tabs crash and when I first started using it there were lots of problems displaying pages correctly although it’s not quite as bad now.

  2. Feb 2nd, 2010 at 5:58 PMJake

    The addition of extensions i think will help Chrome a lot. That was the one reason I kept firefox around but now, I think i’ll make the complete switch to chrome (AdBlock :D)


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