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I’ve been waiting for the day when big-name peripheral manufacturers would start making left-handed products for the few and the proud. Logitech was first with a left-handed version of the MX 610. Now, Razer is wanting in on the left-handed action with their new DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition. It’s not the first left-handed mouse, but theĀ  company claims it’s the first left-handed gaming mouse. We’ll give it to ‘em. Myself being left handed (and using right-handed mice all my life), I wanted to check this thing out and see what ergonomic mayhem I was missing out on my whole life.

The left-handed DeathAdder is pretty much just a mirrored version of the normal right-handed DeathAdder. It has the two main click buttons, which are switched (The “left click” button is on the right side and vice versa), as well as the scroll wheel that lights up and then the two thumb buttons, which reside on the right side of the mouse. It also has the same 3.5G sensor that can deliver up to 3500DPI. It’s a pretty simple mouse when you think about it. Not a whole lot to it.

So, since it’s a left-handed mouse, how does it feel for left handers like myself? Well, to be completely honest, I’d rather stick with my right-handed Logitech VX Revolution, for a couple of reasons. The DeathAdder doesn’t have as many buttons as my VX Revolution, which has thumb buttons, “zoom” controls, a separate button above the scroll wheel, and side scroll buttons. Trust me, I use all of these buttons and not having them during my time with the DeathAdder was kind of frustrating.

Another annoyance was how the left and right click buttons were switched to accommodate the left handers. You would think lefties would love this, but I personally found it irritating. I’ve always used the left and right click buttons just the way they are, so it was frustrating when they were switched on me. Yes, I could probably easily get used to it in a month or two, but then every other computer I would go to, I would have re-teach myself how to use the mouse.

The left-handed contour of the DeathAdder feels pretty good in my hand. However, gamers with smaller hands might have a difficult time reaching the front thumb button.

To quickly wrap-up, this isn’t the mouse for me, even though it’s meant for me. It could certainly be different for other left handers, though. You might like how the main click buttons are switched and you might not mind that the only extra buttons are just the thumbs buttons. Nonetheless, it’s a very well built mouse that definitely lives up to the Razer name. No doubt about that.

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Score: 8 Olives

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3 Comments to “Mini Review: Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition”
  1. Aug 24th, 2010 at 5:09 PMJason Tsay

    One of the biggest reasons you probably aren’t used to the mouse is that this is intended to be a palm mouse while the VX Revolution is a claw/fingertip mouse.

    On a side note, I never use the zoom slider on my VX Revolution as it feels like it’s going to fall off and has too much resistance. I would much rather hit ctrl then use the scroll wheel. As for the click buttons, I am surprised to hear you don’t like them. I’ve used a DeathAdder before and I found these to be quite good for gaming. (Though probably not enough resistance for normal use). A quick fix for the layout problem would be Razer’s software.


  2. Aug 25th, 2010 at 11:20 AMStiggz

    The Deathadder is purely for gaming, with no other use taken in mind. Usually Razer offer a few different mouses that differ in size. Using the right handed Deathadder, I’m glad I got it over one of the logitech mouses.
    But when it comes to it, switching from a right handed mouse to a left handed one quite often means you need to get used to the layout, and the Deathadder, being a gaming mouse, would never have the amount of features that the VX Revolution would have (seeing as that mouse is intended for more than just gaming).


    Craig Lloyd Reply

    @Stiggz – Valid points you have there, but personally, I use every single button on the VX while I game, so it would make sense (to me) if a gaming mouse had a plethora of buttons and not just two lousy thumb buttons.

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