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Mini Review: Civilization V

As a virgin to the Civilization series, I was worried about having missed too much for me to easily induct myself into this series and enjoy myself. I was always too impatient in the past and just couldn’t accept the turn-based gameplay. So, is Civilization V the right ambassador for the series to pull me in and make me a fan? Read on.

When I first fired up the game and began a quick, randomly-generated campaign, there was a lot to learn as I had no previous experience with the game and its gameplay mechanics (sure, I could have gone with the tutorial, but where’s the fun in that?). As a result, I quit after a few hours with a bit of frustration. Partially because I sucked at turn-based strategy, but also because I still didn’t quite have the game mechanics and features figured out yet.

I nearly gave up on it there. I let the game sit for another day and finally decided to give it one last shot with the knowledge I had gained from the first campaign. Starting my new campaign at 11PM, I played until 7AM the following morning with nothing but a glass of water and a single pee break. If that’s not a testament to the game’s playability and newbie-friendliness, I don’t know what is. The best part? I wasn’t even done with that campaign yet. It still had another few hours before I could complete one of the game’s several winning moves.

While hard core fans of the series might argue that it’s not the best of the Civilization series, it’s more than enough game to attract new fans of this colossal series. The sheer amount of choice when it comes to customizing your playing field and what kind of game you want to play is over-powering. It’s an impressively deep game that evolves with your playing style. If you don’t believe me, try out the game’s 2.6GB demo for yourself. Be sure to clear your schedule for the day though.

Score: 9 Olives

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