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Mini Review: Poker Night at the Inventory

When you get a group of awesome guys in one room, hilarity and general taunting is bound to ensue. When that room of guys sit down to a competitive high-stakes underground poker game, you get Poker Night at the Inventory. And it’s possibly the best $5 you can spend.

Even if you haven’t played the characters’ respective games, there’s tons of humorous dialogue and competitive taunting to keep you entertained (or enraged) as you rob the other players of their hard-earned money and obtain ultimate glory. If that’s not enough to interest you, Poker Night also has unlockable card decks and table-tops to keep things fresh. There are also several unlockable items that are usable in Team Fortress 2!

Poker Night offers great detail, several Easter eggs, some Telltale character cameos, and a very “alive” background along with tons of character dialogue and animations, though the dialogue will become repetitive after several hours of play and there are some subtle animation issues.

At its core, Poker Night is your run-of-the-mill poker game. It has nothing extraordinary in its own right, but if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining atmosphere to go along with your poker play, then Poker Night at the Inventory is the best you’ll find anywhere at any price. The gameĀ is undoubtedly one of the better casual titles on the market. Perhaps not quite at the heights of Bejeweled, Peggle, or Plants vs. Zombies, but add some co-op/multiplayer and we’ll talk, Telltale.

Score: 7 Olives

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