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Yesterday, media giant News Corporation unveiled The Daily iPad-only newspaper during a press event. Afterward, founder and CEO of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch sat down for an interview where he told the interviewer that Steve jobs doesn’t just create, but he also destroys the things that he creates.

“I think this is the end of the laptop. Here we have the man who invented the personal computer, then the laptop.  He’s now destroying them.  That is an amazing life.”

While I’m sure Apple’s CEO doesn’t want to directly destroy the things that he created, it’s really all part of the circle of life. When you create new things, older creations simply become less important and eventually vanish naturally.

[paidContent via Gizmodo]

Image Credit: BusinessWeek

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According to, Google Chrome has hit a 10% browser market share for the first time ever. Of course, this is at the expense of Firefox and Internet Explorer, which both took a slight hit. They are now at 22.75% and 56.00%, respectively. Safari has been ever so slightly increasing over the past year to gain 6.30% and Opera is keeping a steady share at 2.28%.

via [Maximum PC]

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I know we’re all excited about the release of Crysis 2, but do you think your rig will even be able to play the game? The minimum system requirements for Crysis 2 were revealed on the official German Crysis Facebook page and Nvidia was nice enough to translate them and post it on their site. See them below.

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz or better
  • 2 GB RAM
  • HDD: 9 GB
  • DVD ROM: 8x
  • GPU: NVIDIA 8800 GT 512MB Ram or better
  • Audio DirectX 9.0c compatible

They’re actually not that bad. I would say most gaming machines nowadays will be able to at least play Crysis 2. Hopefully the upcoming MP demo will give you a better idea.


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You’ve undoubtedly heard about the craze of “green” hard drives from companies like Western Digital and Seagate. They promise that these drives will consume less power and cost less (since they only run at 5400RPM or 5900RPM), but from what Ars Technica reports, these “green” drives don’t differ all that much from regular drives.

“In terms of cost, using a green hard drive compared to a normal one makes very little difference. Assuming your drive spends 4 hours reading and writing and 20 hours idle per day, switching from the WD Black to Green saves you only 45 kilowatt-hours per year. The national average cost of a kilowatt-hour is 11.93 cents, netting you a whopping $5.38 per year for your sacrifice of 1800 RPM. For comparison, changing one 60-watt lightbulb used 4 hours a day to a 7-watt fluorescent one saves you more, about $9.23 per year.”

They’re obviously not completely useless since they’re still relatively quieter and stay cooler than regular drives, making them ideal for HTPCs and backup storage.

[Ars Technica]

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The fear of running out of IP addresses has stalked us for years, but in a few days, the internet will completely run out of IPv4 addresses. However, IPv6 addresses will be the new thing sooner or later. Basically, IPv4 addresses range between 4 to 12 digits and have a size of 32 bits. IPv6 addresses will have a size of 128 bits and can be 32 digits long. This allows for 340 undecillion unique addresses (that’s 36 zeroes), compared to 4.3 billion possible combinations with IPv4.

IPv6 is still young and we probably won’t see it widely implemented for a couple more years. Until then, the recycling and reusing of IPv4 addresses will occur.

via [WSJ and CNET]

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Turn Your Netbook Into An Arcade Cabinet

We’d obviously love to have our own full-size arcade cabinet sitting right next to us, but we just don’t have the real estate to make room for it. However, with a little know-how and a few tools, it’s now possible to turn your netbook into a miniature arcade MAME cabinet. A dedicated fellow is heading up Project MAME, and he created a DIY kit that gets the conversion job done. While it does take your old netbook and turns it into a mini arcade, it will actually accept any 10-inch display and a mini-ITX motherboard. Mind you, the kit alone is $350, so be prepared to spend just as much as you would buying a brand new netbook.

[Nanocade via Engadget]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP Incoming

Through his Twitter account, Treyarch community manager Josh Olin announced that Black Ops‘ first double XP event would be taking place on the weekend of February 4th to the 6th for all platforms.

On a related topic, with the “First Strike” first map pack hitting Xbox 360 on February 1st, we’ve got some screenshots to drool over until PC gamers are deemed important enough to get some map pack lovin’ (should be sometime in March):

via [Twitter]

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Intel made the announcement today that they have discovered quite a major design flaw in their new Sandy Bridge 6 Series chipsets. This affects all P67 and H67 motherboards that were sold since release and ones that are currently stocked. Intel says that the issue is related to the SATA degradation of the motherboard and that throughout the lifespan of the board, there is potential of a big decrease in performance and even non-recognition of attached devices. For now, Intel has stopped its chip manufacturing to find a way to fix the issue and is working with OEMs and motherboard manufacturers on customer support procedures and it’s very possible that recalls will be implemented.

Intel estimates the cost of repair and replacing the chipsets will be over $700 million, but they do think that new and updated chipsets should begin shipping by late February.

Thanks, Daz

[Hardware Canucks]

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The Bargain Bin: Magicka

The Bargain Bin is a weekly feature that helps out gamers in this tough economy. How does it help? Once a week, it offers a great and cheap game ($10 or less) to keep you going until your next paycheck.

Magicka, the Steam-topping hit from Paradox Interactive is the focus of our cheap recommendation this week.

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The Weekly Olive: 1/24/11 – 1/30/11

The past week’s best news and featured content that you might have missed…

Nvidia Releases 2nd-Gen Fermi: GeForce GTX 560 Ti
- Wow, it seems like yesterday when Nvidia released its first-generation Fermi cards, and now a year later, here we are admiring the second coming of Fermi in the form of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti. This hunk of a beast boasts 384 CUDA processing cores, 822 MHz graphics clock, 1.6 GHz processor clock, 4.0 GHz memory clock, and a full gig of GDDR5 memory. Prices will start at $250 at numerous online retailers. More >>

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